Cured Products

To produce our cured meats, we select raw materials to the highest quality standards, sourced from Italy and EU countries.

We perform checks on 100% of incoming materials and verify product requirements at every stage of processing, curing, transport and delivery.

The parameters monitored to ensure the best food quality and safety are:
• Temperature, also monitored during transport with data loggers
• Size
• Compliance with specifications
• Meatiness class
• Hygiene of the means of transport

At every stage of the production cycle, our qualified staff work with competence and professionalism to meet the stringent requirements we have set ourselves and respond to all customer needs.

We produce on the bone, boneless, portioned and ready-to-cut meats.


Cured Products

Prosciutto Stagionato

Cured Ham

Speck Doppia Fesa Stagionato

Cured Double Topside Speck


Boneless chunk