Only High-Quality Meats

The best pork is the source of our excellent products.

We process and commercialize high-quality pork, with customized cuts and a certified supply chain, monitoring the entire production process.
Our fresh and cured products are made using innovative processing methods while maintaining the greatest respect for tradition.

Sl Carni

About us

From the heart of Emilia, we deliver the best charcuterie, fresh and cured products all over the world. SL Carni operates in the charcuterie food sector, carefully selecting cuts of pork.
In order to guarantee excellent products, we follow a processing method that originates from the Emilian tradition and has evolved over time thanks to technological innovation.
We process the best raw materials to produce fresh and cured products customized to meet customers’ needs, thanks to the wide range of processing techniques available.

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Million kg of meat processed in one year
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Our Fresh Products

We specialise in the processing of fresh meat, supplying the best quarter cuts required by the market, including those obtained with additional processes (fondello, topside, sirloin, muscle meat, pulp, shank, rump, etc.) fresh or frozen, depending on the specific requirements.


Our Cured Meats

The best traditional cured meats from Emilia and more: on the bone, boneless or portioned, to best meet the needs of customers. We are certified for the production and supply in dedicated supply chains.

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Our processes

We produce fondelli, topside, sirloin, muscle meat, pulp, shank and many other products that can be delivered fresh or frozen..